Resveratrol 150 mg


Resveratrol 150mg 90 Capsules. Resveratrol is an antioxidant which may help to protect cells from free radicals. It may help to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system and also normal female hormones.

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Health Benefits of Resveratrol

  • Resveratrol Supplements Helps Lower Blood Pressure
  • It Has a Positive Effect on Blood Fats
  • It Lengthens Lifespan in Certain Animals
  • It Protects the Brain
  • It May Increase Insulin Sensitivity
  • It May Ease Joint Pain
  • Resveratrol May Suppress Cancer Cells

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant with great potential.

It’s shown promise regarding a variety of health conditions, including heart disease and arthritis.


Always consult your health practitioner before taking nutritional supplements, especially if you are taking medication or are under medical supervision. You should not take supplements as a substitute for a varied balanced diet or healthy lifestyle.  Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of children.

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